TAXIWAY is the largest transportation company in Greece and the Balkan countries with a fleet of over 1,200 cars in Thessaloniki. TAXIWAY was created in 2013 from the merge of the two highest taxi associations of Thessaloniki. TAXIWAY aims at meeting the present and the future challenges of the area of organised urban transportation. Nowadays it is a modern organisation showing its strong presence in the area of transportation, offering pioneering and complete solutions for the general public as well as for the corporate customers.

The main activity of TAXIWAY is the provision of taxi services to citizens. The company is very active in offering new services to their customers; it is currently participating in a new initiative of TRAINOSE based on multimodal trip planning. TAXIWAY is providing to the train passengers the possibility of transporting them to their final destination or from their origin as a complement to the services offered by the train company.

Role in the project:

TAXIWAY will be the operator for the ridesharing pilot in Thessaloniki.

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