SENSEFIELDS is a provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for traffic management based on wireless magnetometer sensors placed on roads, highways and urban areas. The sensors can be deployed in strategic locations along the infrastructure for vehicle counting, classification, speed detection and edge processing in temporary or permanent stations.

Combined with a powerful traffic data analytics platform and a tailorization of products to the needs of the clients, Sensefields can be one of the best-performer partners for analysing mobility in smart cities and interurban infrastructures.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Wireless magnetic sensors

  • Traffic management & analytics

  • Smart cities

  • Smart roads

  • Congestion monitoring

  • Vehicle speed measurements

  • Vehicle classification and counting

  • Traffic data analysis

  • Fog computing

Sensefields has developed technology based on wireless detector for data collection of traffic. Small, battery powered detector embedded in the pavement, detect the passage of vehicles and send the data via short-range radio to a local processing station for further processing. Finally, thefiltered and aggregated data is sent via Ethernet, WiFi or 3G our cloud platform or to our application deployed in-premises at the customer traffic management server.

Our technology is currently present in more than 10 countries for urban/inter-urban traffic and mobility management. It is characterized by a high density of vehicles and Extremely demanding requirements for data accuracy, as well as for the real-time integration of data Captured data.

Last year Sensefields was acquired by Torrot group with whom it is involved in the Development of control electronics for its own electric scooter that was launched in 2016. The development of this project represents for Sensefields an opportunity to expand its portfolio Of solutions with innovative technologies specifically oriented to the electric vehicle market Sharing. It is also expected that the technologies developed can be used in other areas of Intelligent infrastructures, such as the capture and aggregation of intelligent vehicle data.

Torrot Group has almost 100 years of experience in the sports and transport sectors with its brands Torrot and Gas Gas. It operates in over 50 countries, with Spain as its corporate and productive headquarters and with a sister company in the US.

Torrot Group’s founder and CEO, Iván Contreras, has 20 years of experience in international high-tech sectors in areas such as aeronautics, defence, the automotive industry and sports. He has succeeded in conserving the identities of both brands, Torrot and GasGas, at the same time as positioning the Torrot Group at the forefront of smart, interconnected mobility and off-road sports (Trial and Enduro).

The two business areas of the group are:

  • Torrot: In Mobility, Torrot develops smart, electrical vehicles that fit perfectly into the ecosystem of an efficient, connected city.

  • GasGas: GasGas is the off-road brand. For 30 years, the “Red” brand, as fans and professionals know it, has been the absolute off-road leader. The Gas Gas trial bike is considered the best in the world.

Role in the project:

Sensefields will be the main contributor to the activities related to EGNSS OBU design, development and integration.

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