Founded in 2001, PILDO LABS is an engineering company specialized in delivering top of the edge technology within the aeronautics and mobility sectors. Pildo is recognized as experts in the introduction of new ATM and ITS systems and technologies into operations, in particular for Communications, Navigation and Surveillance services.

Pildo Labs is recognized as an important Stakeholder for the introduction of GNSS (Satellite Navigation) applied to Air Navigation within EU market, thanks to company leadership since the very beginning in the most strategic projects for the main European bodies in the field. Most of this projects have been developed in consortium with the main actors of the European industry in multi year R+D collaboration programs related to SBAS (Space Based Augmentation Systems) and GBAS (Ground Based Augmentation Systems).

The operation of the Pildo is structured in three main areas:

  • ATM services, in charge of delivering services to aeronautical sector for the introduction of new ATM concepts and technologies.

  • SW services, in charge of providing software development support to the other areas of the company and also directly to clients that need critical software (Satellite data processing, Finance and others).

  • R+D services, in charge of developing new services and products that provide to the company with a strategic position.

Pildo Labs is today the European leading company, and present in African and Latin America markets, on the introduction of Satellite Navigation enhanced flight procedures based on GPS technology and its augmentations such as EGNOS. Our company is capable to support customers during all the implementation life cycle, from the design to its operational testing and implementation.

Pildo has (and is currently) coordinating big projects for the GSA like FP7 SIRAJ (SBAS Implementation in the regions of ACAC and ASECNA) and FP7 HEDGE_NEXT (Helicopters Deploy GNSS in Africa), and for SESAR JU like NASCIO. Those projects involve several companies from public and private sectors, and not only from all-around Europe but also some partners from Africa.

During last years, Pildo Labs diversified their activities with the introduction of products and services in other domains than ATM, such as Intelligent Transport Systems or ITS.

Role in the project:

As a complement to its subsidiary Pildo Labs Wessex, Pildo Labs will concentrate on its core capabilities in EGNSS systems design and development. Its role will then be concentrated on task WP3 (development) and the integration activities in WP4.

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