CREAFUTUR is a private foundation promoted by the Government of Catalonia and ESADE Business School. Its mission is to promote and foster innovation in businesses and institutions, understanding people’s future needs and the trends shaping the market, to help detect and disseminate new areas of opportunity through new products, new services, new business models and new communication strategies.

All Creafutur projects aim a putting the customer, the user and/or the citizen at the heart of the innovation process. Our projects integrate Creafutur strong knowledge in social sciences (mainly sociology, psychology and economics) within the innovation process.

Creafutur accumulates a wide experience in mobility sector, with special focus on user needs characterization, new service concepts evaluation and identification of future business opportunities on urban mobility services.

Creafutur is supporting different stakeholders across the mobility value chain, such as:

  • Automotive OEMs, in defining a strategy for diversifying its current business by the introduction of shared mobility concepts and new digital services.

  • Administration and clusters, in coordinating periodic workshops between regional authorities and other stakeholders in order to identify and conceptualize future mobility services in the city, including new shared mobility concepts and new digital services for transport users (some of them to be launched in pilot phase during the coming year).

Role in the project:

Creafutur will be the coordinator of the pilot activities in WP4 and also for the small-scale pilots in WP6. Given their experience in analyzing innovative business models and user behavior, they will also contribute in this aspect.

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