Barcelona Pilot Site #1 (MaaS Aggregator)

//Barcelona Pilot Site #1 (MaaS Aggregator)
Barcelona Pilot Site #1 (MaaS Aggregator) 2020-06-30T11:48:02+00:00

1. The Context

Pilot site characteristics

Barcelona is a highly dense city with a fragmented mobility offer, making it a challenging environment to provide MaaS services and ensure accuracy of services. With the MaaS aggregator app provided by RACC Trips, the whole mobility offer of Barcelona, Madrid and other big cities in Spain is gathered. That means that bike sharing, moto-sharing, car sharing, public transport, taxi and VTC (a kind of taxi) are gathered in one single application. Launched recently, the app already has 25.000 users. The main objective of RACC trips is to offer a multimodal door-to-door experience that is as seamless as possible in the current fragmented offer of our cities.

Pilot video

The Challenge

2. The Challenge

Galileo set to solve local mobility issues

The Technology

3. The Technology

Tech enablers

The RACC  app gathers all the mobility offer of Barcelona and Madrid and other big cities in Spain, with regards to public transport offer, sharing services offer (motorbikes bikes, and car) and bike offer (parkings). The app is mainly oriented to the urban/metropolitan user, with no specific need of private vehicle. Currently RACC Trips includes only the mentioned offer at informative level and as a journey planner. In the context of GALILEO 4 MOBILITY, RACC is assessing the benefits of using Galileo-enabled smartphones for multimodal trips with a reduced number of users. Additionally, at least one moto sharing operator is being fully integrated within the RACC trips journey planner with booking functionalities in order to offer the user a seamless and hassle-free experience.

The pilot in Barcelona will demonstrate the benefits of GALILEO by improving accuracy and availability in urban areas, enabling a fast and smooth transition between transport modes. Accurate and solid geopositioning is key to reach the main purpose of the RACC Trips app: offering the user a door-to-door and seamless multimodal trip experience. Sensefields will provide Galileo-enabled smartphones or, alternatively, Galileo integrated hardware will be installed in the cars of private users that will communicate via Bluetooth location data to the smartphone.

The Pilot

4. The Pilot

Demonstrators set-up