The TRANSPORT SYSTEMS CATAPULT (TSC) is the UK’s pre-eminent organisation focusing on Intelligent Mobility, undertaking research excellence and nurturing translational research infrastructure.  The TSC is one of eleven elite technology and innovation centres established by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. The TSC was created in 2013 to drive and promote the market of Intelligentse Mobility, i.e. using new and emerging technologies to transport people and goods more smartly and efficiently. Our remit is to help businesses create products and services that meet the needs of the world’s transport systems, as they respond to ever-stretching demands while helping to export those capabilities on the global stage. We act as a neutral convenor at the epicentre of world-leading research and innovative technologies for Intelligent Mobility, aviation sector included; working with universities, government departments, small and medium businesses and major industry stakeholders.  We bring together a range of organisations across different modes of transport, breaking down barriers and providing a unique platform for meeting the world’s most pressing transport challenges.

The TSC is organised in 4 Business Units (BUs): Automated Transport Systems works on the delivery and demonstration of driverless vehicles, seamlessly integrating with other transport modes and users. The BU’s flagship activity is the LUTZ Pathfinder trial of three driverless pods.

Customer Experience champions new ways to measure, monitor and improve the transport user’s experience, whether as individual passenger, as freight shipper or as a controller and coordinator of transport. Examples of the BU’s work includes the Sentiment Mapping project and trialling new passenger gates and ticketing methods. Modelling & Visualisation develops new way to analyse and present information, for evidence-based decision-making and public engagement. Their work includes ultra-high resolution crowd movement modelling around London’s Canary Wharf Underground station.  Information Exploitation looks at new ways to exploit the large datasets generated by internet-enabled transportation and users. Expected impacts of this work includes informing planning decisions and policies, advising customers of personally optimised journeys and enabling development of new technologies, products and services.

Role in the project:

TSC will be the leader of WP5 (Transport Big Data analytics) and leader of the pilot in Milton Keynes. Moreover, its valuable knowledge on MaaS ecosystem and business models will be an important contribution to WP6 activities.

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