CLEM’ (MOPeasy SAS) is an eco-mobility services provider that has been operating with both firms and territorial collectivities since 2010. Founded by a team of experts in new technologies and the electromobility field, Clem’ is so far the first French company running a platform 2.0 for carsharing and carpooling alongside with electric charging. Hence, registration, subscription, reservation and payment for each mobility service are managed through a unique platform administrated by Clem’.

Along with the platform, Clem’ has developed other technologies such as M’Key and M’box that are used for car sharing and electric charging.

Furthermore, in order to have a holistic mobility offer, Clem’ has established partnerships with firms from the mobility field that are interested in the development of eco-mobility services, such as charging stations manufacturers, car makers, transport operators. MOPeasy has also integrated eco-mobility clusters like Advancity, Systematic and MOV’EO to develop and promote sustainable mobility as a complementary and an integrated offer into the whole mobility system.

Clem’s goals are to create a “social network” around mobility, to facilitate transportation and to participate to the promotion of a better living place.

Role in the project:

CLEM will be the leader of the Paris Saclay pilot, leveraging the existing services they already operate within their own platform and in partnership with local administrations.

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